Whether you’re seriously sporty or simply like outdoor activities or even if you’re just looking for a relaxing break, there’s something for everyone in Castellane.

A multitude of open-air activities are available.

Aquatic activities include rafting and canyonning in the famous ‘Gorges du Verdon’ - a must for those seeking a more exciting excursion. Sunbathing, swimming or a leisurely promenade by pedalboat on the ‘lac de St Croix’ or the ‘lac de Castillon’ should appease those seeking an easier rhythm.

Walks and treks to suit all levels are available in abundance around the Gorges du Verdon as well as further into the Alps and even around the village. Keep your eyes peeled for a sight of the ‘Vautour fauve’ (griffon vulture) – a species reintroduced to the Verdon region in 1999. Horse-riding, VTT, quad bikes, climbing, taking to the trees with ‘accrobranch’, fishing and even a relaxing game of ‘pétanque’ complete the panoply of distractions available.

There are also several places of interest in the region and, in Castellane alone we are lucky to have three cultural centers available which are :

"La Maison Nature et Patrimoine" where you will also find the ‘Musée des Sirènenes et Fossiles’ – a journey going back 40 million years to a time when the whole region was under the sea.

"The Citromuseum" - a superb museum dedicated entirely to post-war Citroens

"Le Musée de la Resistance" - An excellente display of objects and recreations paying hommage to the men and women who took up General de Gaulle’s call to keep up the fight during the occupation of 1940-1944.

So much to do and why not finish off with a well-earned apéritif on our terrace on the town square !

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